Use Cases

MINERVA will offer the users the opportunity to visualize, analyze, and annotate the mission data in a spatiotemporal context and in the context of other meta-information from the scientific measurements[1]

  • Support scientists in geo-referencing of scientific products (e.g. spectra) for the characterization of regions and the identification of their boundaries.
  • To enable holistic overviews and correlations of product cues from multiple heterogeneous instruments. The scientists will be able to enrich the database by the output of interactive or semi-automatic tools for scientific assessment.
  • Measure / annotate on 3D surfaces on PRo3D. Measurements/annotations are available in a data base and can be accessed by other users in PRo3D.
  • Multi user handling to give different users different rights for loading and manipulating “session profiles” to support teams of scientists to exchange data e.g. on the same outcrops.
  • Search for spatial and temporal correlations in laboratory instruments data (spectrometers etc.).
  • Get spatial overview of products’ locations having certain characteristics (e.g., a spectrum with a certain shape) and/or particular meta-information, e.g. rover orientations, focal length.
  • Gain an overview of distribution of products by time / rover orientation / etc.
  • Simultaneous inspection of ensembles of spectra / images. This may include a characterization of the overall dispersion, a pairwise comparison of particular products, and the clustering of products by their characteristics (e.g., the shape of their spectrum)
  • Bidirectional relation of product locations to corresponding product characteristics, e.g., identify spectral bands with high values / strong variation / etc. within a region; identify potentially non-contiguous regions where objects have certain characteristics; inspect interpolated spectra between samples.

[1] The list is only a subset from many more. Further instrument collaboration use cases are being discussed with ExoMars instrument teams in workshops and direct communication.